Friday, 16 December 2011


Client wanted smokey eyes and natural lips. .
added individual lashes for her as well. .

Lips : Mac Siss
Blush: Sacha Barely Plum
Eyes: 120 Palette, Tan, Black, Puta &
Foundation: Mac Nc45 Studio Fix Fluid
Powder: Select Sheer Pressed Nc45
Concealer: Mac Select Cover Up Nc45
Eyebrows: Mac Spiked

Do enjoy :) 

Monday, 21 November 2011

swatch Me :)

Beautiesssss, im back again. hope all is well. . just bringing to you some swatches for my newest purchase. Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette. 12 amazing colors, velvet & soft. i swatched a few of them with a primer and also without. as you may or may not know the primer gives your color an adhesive to stick too and gives you a brighter pigmentation in color, however these colors are so pigmented you can use them with or without a primer, its your choice. I paid $210 TT dollars. you can check for your purchase wherever you are. enjoy the pics, Toodles!!


top swatch includes primer



swatch without primer 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

rocking my "Stilettos"

its me again :)
    im not the type of person to be so daring but as of lately i'm stepping out the box a bit. i usually get my nails done with an acrylic overlay for my natural stubby nails. i'm a biter so i don't have much of a nail bed. i told my nail tech that i wanted to try these stiletto nails and he steered me away for a few weeks. . i begged, and begged, and beggggggggged until he finally gave in. . they're not too fancy cause i'm not into any airbrush, ice, 3d or any type of fancy designs. . i love my flat polishes. i was thinking geez these pointy nails are gonna polk out my eyes, but to my surprise they're just like having square tips, or round tip nails. hope you enjoy. . Toodles!!


Saturday, 19 November 2011


Hola que tal my beauties. .
   as you all know i'm very new to the blogging but i'm trying my best. hope all is well and everyone is enjoying their Saturday afternoon, or whatever part of the world you are in, enjoy your day :) i am a make up artist as you may or may not know. well usually i apply either strip lashes or individuals to my clients, but today i took a challenge and did it to myself. it was very tough doing it on my own and for myself but i did well. . do enjoy. .Toodles!!!


After  (sorry if my eye scares you, lol!)


Thursday, 17 November 2011

barely there

Today was a day for run around & errands thru the town. Typically i like to take a breather from wearing make up on a daily basis but i caught a vapps to look a little prettier :) trying to do a little better. Hope you enjoy. . . .Toodles!!!  ------> FYI - i hate foundations with spf & a camera with flash, white face to the max.

Products used:


Mac nc 50 studio fix fluid foundation
Mac nc 45 select sheer pressed powder

Mac Amber Lights
Hip Duo Playful
Mac Opulash Mascara in black

Mac Spiked eyebrow pencil 

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (treo)
Mac Gleeful blush

Jordana lip liner in current
Mac lipsticks in Cherish & Siss

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

saying 'HELLO'

Hey gals/guys

   I've been meaning to post my introduction but have been extremely busy and just wasn't into the blogging. . My good friend {GLAM TROPIC} convinced me to continue and start blogging. .
   I initially wanted to do a video introduction this morning however i got all frantic and uninterested when i discovered my passport became missing. . anywho <---- yeah i know its my word]
Born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. . for those of you that doesn't know where my country is located, its off the coast of Venezuela.
MAKE UP is my life, my love, my passion. . your face is my canvas.

      Definitely hope to blog quite often about makeup and random ish, do hope you enjoy (:

twitter: @lipstick_love
facebook: Jamie Romeo